1.4.3 Changelog

1.4.3 has released! This small update adds the Big Ol' Boots to the main game, and a new poster that hints towards their function. The full list of changes is below:

  • Changed most sprites so that they do should not appear clipped when changing them in order to improve the appearance of mods.
  • Added Big Ol' Boots item and a poster hinting at what they do.
  • Fixed a bug where walking through certain areas before Arts and Crafters spawned would result in an error.
  • Removed the automatic setting from UI size settings on mobile versions. The default setting is now medium.
  • Default mobile UI height is now medium
  • Other minor stuff... Probably.

I know it's a small update, but I hope you all enjoy it anyways!


BALDI_1.4.3_Windows_64Bit.zip 44 MB
Jun 17, 2019
BALDI_1.4.3_Windows_32Bit.zip 42 MB
Jun 17, 2019
BALDI_1.4.3_MacOSX.zip 45 MB
Jun 17, 2019
BALDI_1.4.3_Linux.zip 57 MB
Jun 17, 2019
BALDI_1.4.3_Android.apk 48 MB
Jun 17, 2019

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Hi Dear, mystman12! What would you like submission about this one, Excuse Me what the games decomplited before last update today do not report myself I’m now to submission for you, The Baldi Basics In Education And Learning 1.4.1 Is out!



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Go for my post and download the mod menu now :), is for Baldi's basics mod menu, is ilegal i say my post in widget here?

Credits: Fasguy - creator of mod

Gameplaygames - creator of post


D-did you just blatantly admit that it's illegal? How dumb are you?

Fasguy doesn't care, by the way I credit him, want me to do what else? Say the post is his?


Did you know that I am making a game based of of this game, you can download it at: https://tornado-games.itch.io/nightmare-in-the-school

Add This Here

I'm very outdated...


This Character Is Named Noober Created By Fazmade

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Mojang2468 How You Did Make This To Making Non-Blurry?

Because i am making things not blurry.

Remember, I Really Like to Dither for Best Results. (Using Gimp and Paint.net)

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Heres the Poster of Filename2:

Note: This is a Remake version of Poorly Made Filename2 Poster




Gameplay.games STOP SPAMMING

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edit: Sorry the spam

Free To Use Poster

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Free To Use SignBe Sure to credit me if you do use the sign

hello does anyone have the kickstarter exclusive demo, could you put on mediafire or another site?

No but here is a dash exclusive demo here http://www.mediafire.com/file/fyzqhgxrh3xy4vi/Dash_Exclusive_Demo_Android.Apk/fi... 


Gameplaygames if You Pirate The Kickstarter Exclusive Demo and open the Pirated demo Your Will Be Sent To The Badsum Screen which means The kickstarter Exclusive Demo Has an Anti-Piracy and if you get the pirated copy of the demo to work it won't work Properly the demo would crash randomly and there would be 2 principals, a gotta sweep with no cooldown, and when you get the 2nd notebook Baldi Would Go at An insane Speed.

I know now, you don't say the message

funny bear

What does this have to do with the game?


...to give you a hug :3

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... to get Revenge??...? WHY BEAR WHYYYYY?????!!!!! D:

The bear is from in the game of roblox, and in decompile of baldi's basics

I know the decompile is baldi's basics musical

yes the decompile

Not so Pail Anymore

Will the Classic game Ever Upgrade again

Make a holloween update plz 

I don't believe so, mystman12 has mainly shifted most of his focus to the full game.

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There is already an update on Google Play and App Store.


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It's Baldi's basics 2

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Those are the screenshots that I sent in Baldipedia! You took them without asking permission...

Edit: Nvm, it doesn't matter that you didn't, know.


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Anyone know where that texture is from?

Edit: It’s from baldi’s basics, just never saw that texture in game

I seen that to I think its a easter egg


Its from Unity.

Oh ok thx

Nice Update!

Wow I'm Speechless

It's been almost a year, Mystman, MAKE THE FRICKING UPDATE!

Three days ago...

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