1.4.3 Changelog

1.4.3 has released! This small update adds the Big Ol' Boots to the main game, and a new poster that hints towards their function. The full list of changes is below:

  • Changed most sprites so that they do should not appear clipped when changing them in order to improve the appearance of mods.
  • Added Big Ol' Boots item and a poster hinting at what they do.
  • Fixed a bug where walking through certain areas before Arts and Crafters spawned would result in an error.
  • Removed the automatic setting from UI size settings on mobile versions. The default setting is now medium.
  • Default mobile UI height is now medium
  • Other minor stuff... Probably.

I know it's a small update, but I hope you all enjoy it anyways!


BALDI_1.4.3_Windows_64Bit.zip 44 MB
97 days ago
BALDI_1.4.3_Windows_32Bit.zip 42 MB
97 days ago
BALDI_1.4.3_MacOSX.zip 45 MB
97 days ago
BALDI_1.4.3_Linux.zip 57 MB
97 days ago
BALDI_1.4.3_Android.apk 48 MB
97 days ago

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Thirteen weeks....

And then three months later...

(3 edits)

  this looks fake but it's real i got the full game on mobile but its extremely on development

Where did you get that?

(1 edit)

well this is the full game Demo for mobile that I'm making and I can only download btw it's extremely in development BTW

Cuando estará listo el juego de

Conceptos básicos de Baldi - Demo temprana del juego completo

PARa android luego puedes hazer la página de tu canal para que descargue gratis 

Conceptos básicos de Baldi - Demo temprana del juego completo

(I used google translate)

When will the game be ready?
Baldi Basics - Full Game Early Demo
STOP android then you can hazer your channel page to download for free
Baldi Basics - Full Game Early Demo

Uh, what do you mean?

(I used the translator obviously to say this)

Es cierto, creo que será muy productivo para el canal si hay un enlace de descarga para el juego completo de Android, incluso asegúrate de estar atento a la página del juego itch.io, creo que ya lo sabes, pero REALMENTE estoy deseando que llegue

This is fake not real

here 😒😒

Twelve weeks....

13 weeks and nothing new 😒

almost 12 weeks actually ~

ok 12 and nothing new 😒

It was a long way to get Baldi's Basics here, I can see a lot of cool things coming next year too

Thanks for Android

Oh Wait...

I Found a Bug...

on the Edge of the Walls Being There Baldi Tries to Catch You But Doesn't Catch You...

You Can Fix it?

Oh! and in the Demo of Baldi's Basics the Bug Are Fixed...

You ment the corner bug

U can't even spell baldisonicfilms 🖕 🤣

That old bug Baldi won't catch you if you're between two walls

The baldi mod menu is out yay this is my video of the mod

Can you decomepile baldis basics on mobile it doesn't have to be possible

(1 edit)

I think there will be no way, since the decompile is made in version 1.3.2, but if you get version 1.4.X, who knows

what's 1.4.X 🤔💭

Ahaha! It's when I'm going to talk about an indefinite version that is part of one. Example:

Baldi's Basics Classic (BBC)

I did not imagine a good scheme as an example, so I'm twisting so you understand

V. 1.4


X=        .1

X=        .2    

X=        .3

For X, I am referring to all versions 1.4 at once, then when 1.4.x said, I mean of the possibility of all versions of 1.4 (in the case of Android, 1.4.1d, 1.4.2 and 1.4.3)

It is...


Eighty days have passed since the last classic game update

Now, it has been eleven weeks...

I think it went really fast

Hi Crazy Dave

Who are you talking to? 🤔

to me.

Oh ok then

Guys help me how to download the Baldi mod like decompile and the texture unfortunately it doesn't  work but i can't open the file or the game because im using hp laptop and when the download is finish I open the file and it is not detected plz somebody help and reply me plz I just want to record and having fun with the decompile and the texture so I need help and reply me plz show how to download the baldi mod with texture and decompile plz😔

It looks like the Android version does not use Unity as the base, that came to me the mind by Android version appearing to give more work than on other platforms

I have no in-depth knowledge of the subject, but what you said is kind of true, maybe that explains why the game doesn't starts with the Unity logo or the developer logo, and how the Android version should delay or disrupt the date of upload etc...


(2 edits)

Your channel it's cool, when I'm done what I'm doing I'll watch some videos ✌

(1 edit)

help the channel pls thanks


Helping the channel by subscribe liking the videos that I posted and commenting that's what I mean by help the channel pls

(1 edit)

It's too late to say that, but Baldi's Basics Mod Menu has updated again, and brought a lot of new things with it

Screenshots here! Sorry, I wanted to post this quickly so I was too lazy to take more detailed screenshots 😅

What I liked best besides being able to change the color of the school is that it is now possible to make modifications to the Baldi that welcomes us to the school! Just be careful with the "Slender Tutor" option


Idk what's going on, but the Mod Menu page on gamebanana doesn't carry me at all! So for those who want to download, try the gamebanana link, and if it doesn't work, try this alternative link

Gamebanana link: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/6870

Fasguy's Link (The Creator of the mod. I think you will have more lucky here): https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://fasguy.ga/baldis-ba...

Imma do a video of it

https://the-real-baldi.itch.io/baldis-better-basics-in-education-and-learning here my decomepile of baldi's basics  baldi's better basics

(1 edit)

Oh, now First will be even more famous, thanks to the image I took in February... well, you didn't ask me permission to let you use it, but that's fine, just let me know next time ok

(Looking forward to the mod getting ready. Android mods are pretty scarce)

go android mods yay

Before there was a section only for Android mods in gamebanana, but it was deleted.  And to make matters worse, I can't even access the gamebanana page to see the new mods, I hope it's just a server problem

A android mod yay

(1 edit)

It takes so long I have to wait until 5 hours you gonna be kidding me I just want to see the update will come out but don't tell me you gonna be offline and not make the update of mobile well there is some bugs on this game and Im sure I always check in that page when the update its here😉


Mystman12 can you try to add 1.4.4??? (plz??)

(if you want sure)

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