Android 1.4.2 Update

Sorry for taking so long, but I've finally release a new update for the mobile version! Here's what's changed:

  • Improved code for doors and swinging doors.
  • Removed a time tracking feature for endless mode that went unused.
  • Adjusted high score text.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to use keys on unlocked doors.
  • Added UI size and height options to mobile version.
  • Added "ITEM" text to empty item button
  • Implemented Unity's lightweight rendering pipeline to improve performance
  • Added touch controls to secret room
  • "OK" button can no longer be pressed while the answer box is empty. This is to prevent a wrong answer being accidentally input when mashing the interact button to pick up a notebook.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes pause when leaving the YCTP.
  • Small optimizations

I've also uploaded a Mono version of the game, alongside the IL2CPP version from last time. I still haven't figured out what the cause of the insane rendering bug some of you were getting is, but if you are still experiencing it with the IL2CPP version, please try the Mono version. I really have no idea if that will make any difference, but it's worth a shot.

Also, once the mobile version looks good to go, I plan on releasing a 1.4.2 update for PCs as well, with all of the general fixes and optimizations going into the mobile version.

Thanks, and as before please let me know of any issues in the comments!


BALDI_1.4.2_Android_IL2CPP.apk 53 MB
Mar 20, 2019
BALDI_1.4.2_Android_Mono.apk 48 MB
Mar 20, 2019

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im more better

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advanced education with viktor strobovski is better than baldis basics

Make a android version of1.3.2

(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)


Hi peeps Baldimore's Highschool is now available for FREE on Android!

Have fun!

Mystman! I found something, not sure if it's a glitch or an actual strategy, but here goes.

It is possible to use Baldi's incredible hearing to trick him into moving in the wrong direction. With blue doors, I can simply open them, then move away from them in the opposite direction of Baldi. Baldi will move in the direction of the door and then move around randomly. Similarly, with yellow doors, I can fool Baldi by going through them, then backing out of them and running another way. Baldi, hearing which direction the doors opened in, will follow the sound through the doors in the same direction I went through, and he will keep going rather than backtracking after me.

Is this an intended strategy, or an error in Baldi's tracking that isn't supposed to happen?

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I think that's a real strategy, also why're you still commenting here? There's 1.4.3 now!

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I'm waiting for the next Kickstarter status update

So am I~

It said it was updated 7 hours ago, what changed?

Updated 5 hours ago?

Twelve weeks and nothing new...

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cant wait for version 1.4.3

I don't think that's 1.4.3

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That one is Birthday Bash 1.0. It's been confirmed in Apk Editer.

Has been eleven weeks, and nothing has changed yet, it seems that it'll take too long.  Wonder what'll happen in June...


hey I had a game

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Huh! It's been ten weeks since this update has been released. Are you working on other stuff? You're probably working on the full game, aren't you? Well, that's okay, I'm still enjoying playing this game.


fun mod becuse stuff are fun like apple watches or ipad or iphone or tablets funney why becuse silly happens oof thinks for that mystman 12 FUN game love it YAY thanks for the game i love you so much or who makes app like youtube or gonoodle or basics in oofing and gsy and baldi hary 678987655 becus mod menu is fun for ipad or iphone or tablets


Also, one question for you: I see that a long time ago, you removed the feature where the game makes you slow down to a crawl if you run out of stamina, and to regain normal speed, you have to let the bar fill up a notch first by stopping in your tracks.

Do you ever plan on making different modes, like easy/hard? I kind of thought that slowdown was actually a neat "challenge" feature, and I was surprised when you removed it. It might have made the game a bit too hard, I guess that's why you removed it, but I sure wouldn't complain if it ever found its way back in, even if just by a "toggle" switch in the menu.

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Love this game! On my GPD XD Plus Android handheld attached by HDMI to my TV, and a bluetooth controller, (Android type shaped like a PSX controller, red/black, for anyone else who wants to try the combo) it really feels like I'm playing some kind of PlayStation game! Everything you did with the Android release is fantastic.

One thing I wanted to note is something I found in the game, very minor. I don't know if it's either a malfunction, or a feature, or just something not thought of. It turns out, if I hold the reverse button (hold R3 to look behind me), I can do this to face a notebook that's behind me while the Player is still pointed toward the door, and begin the You Can Think Pad simulator. This method gives me an extra second to start escaping as soon as I finish the problems, because I don't have to waste time turning back around to leave the classroom, I'm already facing the door.

If this is a bug you didn't intend, well, now ya know! Works out well for me, though, it's certainly not a complaint :)

1.4.1d is currently unavailable in this page, but, if you still want to play that version, you can get it here!

Whoops, I didn't know the official one is on the Game Jolt version.

1.4.2 looks brighter than 1.4.1d...

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