1.4.1b Changelog

This is just a tiny update to fix a few bugs. If you happen to find any more bugs, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

  • Fixed bug that prevented you from using WD-NoSquee on the center door in the east hallway.
  • Corrected build settings to support 32-bit operating systems on Windows (Hopefully - I have no 32-bit PCs to test on). The I accidentalyy used the wrong settings when releasing 1.4.1 initially.


BALDI_1.4.1b_Windows.zip 42 MB
Jan 05, 2019
BALDI_1.4.1b_MacOSX.zip 46 MB
Jan 05, 2019
BALDI_1.4.1b_Linux.zip 57 MB
Jan 05, 2019

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Are The Installer is Good Bec. i make a Installer for the Game


I have a question about when the principal detects you breaking the school rules, but Gotta Sweep sweeps him away from me and, like, three or four minutes pass by, making it look like I got away with running in the halls. Will the principal eventually catch me if he escapes from Gotta Sweep's reach?

I Have A Recommendation, If You Make A Future Update, Make It That If the principal of the thing sees you cut playtimes rope or First prizes Wires he sends you to detention for bullying, And make it that the bully wants a specific item each time you play, adding up to a voice line "No I don't want that"

Wow thats cool

good job keep going


I found a Serect room!

I found that same room

It will be some new characters ?

not in this game, this version is finished, but yes on the full Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning game! Like Dr. Reflex

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okay, thank you ^^ 

Please can I have the game project, so I can help you make updates, please?

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No, but you probably can decompile the game into a project with this useful tool made with Unity.

And then, if you get enough people to play the game, mystman12 might be inspired by your idea if it's good enough.

avast thinks the game is a virus

The game is too hard.

Man, whenever I turn the camera to one side, the game gives a lock, is it from my PC or is it from the game?

*click* noice