1.3.2 Update Changelog - Mouse issues fixed!

Thanks to help from a fellow game developer, Iseeicy (Go check out his game Dreams of Being, one of my favorite Meta Game Jam entries: https://iseeicy.itch.io/dreams-of-being), I was able to fix the mouse issues! To celebrate, I've added a custom cursor to the game. Along with those things, here's the full changelog:

  • Fixed the mouse issue!
  • Added a new custom cursor.
  • Bully is now easier to be caught Bullying by the Principal.
  • Gave Baldi a tiny speed boost.
  • Fixed Principal punishing you for running when getting pushed by 1st Prize or Gotta Sweep while holding the run button.
  • Added a couple more yellow doors.
  • Baldi now hears exits when they disappear.
  • Made Baldi speed up more slowly in endless mode.

Thanks, and enjoy!


BALDI_1.3.2_Windows.zip 35 MB
76 days ago
BALDI_1.3.2_macOSX.zip 40 MB
76 days ago

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When is the next update?

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I wish I could download the cursor :(


I cant get to the version right now im in the other versions! Help

i love dis game

When are you going to put another update?

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i love baldi basics (not baldi himself )


an axe is a good idea for next upate


Sounds like something taken out of bendy


Love the game so much

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R.I.P me 2018-2018

Cause Baldi killed him with the ruler

XD (wait doe's this long comment for you?) XD


I have an idea! I think it would be cool if you added a blue door lock, or a chair to baracade the doors. also, a energy drink, to replenish your stamina, and make you run 2x faster would be really useful. also, how about another ending? *SPOILERS AHEAD* if you get the secret ending five times in a row, then filename_2 says:  what are *bvvv* doing here? i told you to *BeeEP BZZZ*. i mean, *BZZZ BEEEEP vzvzvzvz*. Its corrupted, as *BEEP* told you before. but its *BUZZ BVV* this *BUZZZUZUZUZ*, then his head dissapears more, and then he says: im almo-*BVV beeep vwvwvw* then the textures get SUPER distorted, and the game crashes. when you enter the game again, there is no sound. and then when you start story or endless, its just filename_2s shirt and pants just sitting there. and for the rest of the game, thats going to be there forever.


very good idea


just seeing that dude freaks me out

its intended to be that way!

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Heeyy! how about u make a lil' buddy that self sacrifices himself for you!

example.. you need items to pass the bully, lil' buddy can stay there (he's used..?)

u can make the lil' buddy take 15 or more time until u can use it again.. is this a good idea?

lemme know

Hello BabyPupa, it is me... aquana

so fun

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Dear Mystman, here it is!

New characsters:

1) Add a Nurse and infinmary. What she'll do? If 1st prize or Gotta sweep pushes u to wall, she will come and say "He need an injection!" She'll put u on the stretcher, and carry you to infinmary.Then, into the infinmary, she will put u onto the bed. Sometime soon(15 seconds later), you  can go back by . How they'll make that? Really fast! The nurse looks like a white angel with medical hat. Biography for the principal's room:"A great doctor. She really likes kids   and tries to help them. If somebody makes you hurt, she will make you laugh, and help you."

2)Tattle Tail (School Inspector). What he will does?  If you is really  far, and u see him, he will say:"Hey Baldi! Your student is here" and baldi will  appear on your way. Also, he will snitch to the principal, if u breaking school rules. He looks like a tall man in tuxedo, with midlife crisis and two heads . Biography on principal's room:"Previous principal. Every year go to the school to see, how new principal's teachers teach students. Really like to snitch. If somebody breaking school rules, he snitch to the new principal"

3)PE teacher and gym room. If u close to him, he'll put u to gym room and make u  do push-UPS 15 times. If u do this perfectly, he will give a rocket boots or a soccer ball that u can throw to the bully, and put u to the locker room. If u do this bad, he will make u  tp do more. If u throw  ball in bully, he will  say: " I'll meet you sometime sOONn" and dissapears. Rockets boots makes u really fast. PE teacher looks like a aged man in a ligt blue  tracksuit with a  whistle on the chest. Biography for the principal's room:" He really like his work. Train students- thats my work!-said he. Won school marathon. Does'nt like soda and weak students."

4)Let 's drum(a music teacher). He will running in the hall, playing ceremonial music or say "I love my drum!"with british axent. If u close to him, he will run to u and play music louder. Then, he will run away from u, and u will stop to hear at 15 seconds. He looks like a man in ceremonial hat, red T-shirt and a red trousers  with a drumstick, left arm and leg  are bigger than right and his skin is purple. Biography for the principal's room: " He is really talented teacher which can teach everybody to play music. If somebody does'nt like his melody... He will hear the true musical hell!"

What else: 

•Arts and crafters will spit on you ink if u close to it

•Subject notebooks(just like decoration)

•Safety scissors (you can cut 1st Prize's  wire, then he dissapears and say like this:"Why friend??..")

•Make second floor.There are a library with a lots of bookcases, and in one of these you can find a comics with baldimore( when he loved cookies). Like an easter egg.

•More decorations. Physical class, Science class, IT class, History class, Arts and Crafters class, Assembly hall, Infinmary, Gym. And in the Sweeping time room, please, make a  sign "Caution slippery". If he really close(sweeping time) you can put this sign in front of him , he will go away from you. And other decorations in office. Someting like: in Arts and Crafters office that is- children's  arts on walls( best fan arts), workbenches, paint. In IT class that is computers on the desks, In Science class tubes, In History class a paintings of american presidents. In infinmary bed, first aid kits, medical closers.

•Blue lockers. You  can open them, and find items in it(Safety scissors, WD No-squee, Soccer ball)But don't let principal catch you!

•If playtime or PE teacher make u to do motions(push-UPs, jump at rope), u will run out of stamina

•Tottally 10 notebooks, please)

That's all! I hope, someting will  appear in the next update (and sorry for my english, I'm russian)

I played the dang roblox baldi, this is the same thing, except the nurse part.

wow you stole from the roblox baldi

(and some ideas were mine too :D

you also stole from other ideas too

tattle tail is basically superintendent

you also copied from the roblox version but i guess it would be nice to have those in the game

also the nurse would be the only nice person in the game

Dude some of your ideas you stole it from Baldi's Basics Roblox version your copier!

Such as:Tattle Tail,Let's Drum,and A.a.C. spit ink.

Are you Roblox's fan or somethin'?

Also yeah I see that your bad at English in some.

I from Vietnam,but I good as F*ck

But I not know English much so we're same. (Except those bad English words of your)


There will be baldi's basics in education and learning v1.4??


add a new character that is rare that look like baldi and can teleport you to the real baldi. make it that you can triger it by doing a secret awnser code


you should make the bully move so it will make it hard to keep your items



If Gotta Sweep or 1st prize pushes you to a wall you get injured and you go 1/4 slower the only way you can recover it is to wait 15 seconds or eat a zesty bar or The nurse will come

Add a nurse so if you get injured and you have to wait 15 seconds to get recovered Also add a Nurse's office

Arts and crafters doesn't do much so if he catches you, you have to draw something like a star a smiley face or a square if you do it wrong he will put ink on your face and how to remove it is to wait 15 seconds or use a b soda to put it on your face

You can open lockers  and you can find items but theres a 75% chance you will find a item but dont let the prinicpal catch you

make a bathroom and add mirrors so you can see yourself

Make a scene when you go though all 4 exits it shows you going back home  but if the principal sends you to detention for 99 seconds and your parents will punish you and thats a way you can lose

Add a timer for 30 minutes to finish the game

Add a bigger map

Add 3 more note books (10 in total)

nope,don't please

Thats cool, dude! Nurse its really good idea! And other ideas are really mad! I hope, them will appear in the next update!



1. Make an secret answer to  the impossible question.

2. Plz make a BETTER ending.

3. Make an freind that helps you a little bit.

4. Make trick Baldi. (Like if you  open a door and go to a another room then you can trick Baldi.)

5. Make a BACKSTORY to Baldi why he is so evil.

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You can make a chill or something to make the player get faster, if it is a chill call the (xd soda) that will make the player run faster.

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