1.3.2 Update Changelog - Mouse issues fixed!

Thanks to help from a fellow game developer, Iseeicy (Go check out his game Dreams of Being, one of my favorite Meta Game Jam entries: https://iseeicy.itch.io/dreams-of-being), I was able to fix the mouse issues! To celebrate, I've added a custom cursor to the game. Along with those things, here's the full changelog:

  • Fixed the mouse issue!
  • Added a new custom cursor.
  • Bully is now easier to be caught Bullying by the Principal.
  • Gave Baldi a tiny speed boost.
  • Fixed Principal punishing you for running when getting pushed by 1st Prize or Gotta Sweep while holding the run button.
  • Added a couple more yellow doors.
  • Baldi now hears exits when they disappear.
  • Made Baldi speed up more slowly in endless mode.

Thanks, and enjoy!


BALDI_1.3.2_Windows.zip 35 MB
17 days ago
BALDI_1.3.2_macOSX.zip 40 MB
17 days ago

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You can make a chill or something to make the player get faster, if it is a chill call the (xd soda) that will make the player run faster.


Make a way to escape Arts and Crafters. Not the best idea in the world, but something like this would be interesting in Baldi's Basics.


Please make multiplayer like: Baldi is player 1 and player is player 2 got it? and baldi will have something like stamina but not that one slap and wait thanks :D

Please make something like a VSoda that can push Broom and 1st prize thanks.

if you will mind please make the test or book more harder becouse some kid will really thing its easy and the pikabooo and he will fall and i mean by that some other countris kids like czhech or rusia or slovakia thanks

PS: sorry for my english

(Edited 4 times)


make it when u use b soda, a puddle is left on the ground then gotta sweep comes in to sweep the soda mess

Tattle Tail:  when he sees u breaking rules, the principle notices u

Music Teacher: makes it where you cant hear anything for 15 seconds (playtime music, ruler slapping,  1st prize, ect)

Gym Teacher + Gym Class: when you touch him, he makes you  faster for 15 seconds and a exit in the gym room

Principal's Room Lock: A lock found in a school faculty only room that you lock the door of the principal's door when you see that baldi is near and lock it when u dont want baldi to get in

Science Teacher: Run into him, and his experiments blow u up and pushes u away far

Make 1st Prize go through doors easier because when people use him as a car, he can get caught in a door

A Blue locker that gives you a pair of scissors and respawn in different places and principal can catch u looking in lockers

Lockpick: If you accidently lock your self while baldi is behind you, if you have a lock pick, you can get through the locked doors

A cursor you can customize: Color, Shape, Size, Border Color, Shadow?, ect

Windows in different places just for decor

Make books harder like having multiplication and division


Rush Mode: Max notebooks are now 4 and you have to get all 4 note books and all exits under 5 minutes and baldi is given a boost and b soda, chocolate bar and quarters are spawned in different places

1v1 Mode (Multiplayer): there has to be 2 computers that connect via WiFi and one player is baldi and the other is the player, and basically its story mode but baldi is an actual player.

Rage Mode: Baldi is 10 times faster and you have a unlimited supply of b soda and you have to get out of the building with the 5 exits without baldi coming to u and there is a cool down of b soda 15 seconds. and you have to still get all 7 notebooks

Dark Mode: The whole screen is darkened and you have to get out of the building like story mode and noises are muted

God Mode: (JUST FOR FUN) you still can die by baldi but its basically story mode but you have a 10 slot inventory and many items spawn in random places and you are 3x faster

Please fix the vision of how far The Principal can see you, and how many times playtime can get you, cause it is really annoying to be seen running in the hall by The Principal who is probably all the way at the other end of the hall, and it is nerve grinding because playtime can get you so many times in one game, EVEN AFTER YOU PLAYED WITH HER SHE STILL FORCES YOU TO JUMP ROPE

What's even worst that when the bully is down the hall and i want the principle to get rid of him, the principle doesnt see him, but when i run down the hall then he goes "No running in the halls." Its such bs

MewCrafter, this is because the bully has to steal one of your items and the principle sees it so he will get rid of the bully. The principal can't get rid of the bully if he does not do anything.

Hey mystman12, i got a crazy idea! When the Principal of the Thing is there and sees Baldi fast the Principal of the Thing takes Baldi for 60 seconds detention. Would be cool.

I downloaded the new 1.3.2 update and when I try to run it it says "Failed to load Mono". I tried reinstalling the update but it didn't do anything. I checked and the files are in the right places on my computer. Could you please fix this bug.


How do i rextexture? I wanna make a mod for it

Here is a little guide of how to do it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P-Crr8Z2zSnxcc-Crzsf0T2V7EsZjF29/view (i did not make it 

★lambTuberXtream72★ made it)

(Edited 1 time)

I love this game, more updates and characters pls :3

Heya, add bonuses for Endless Mode
Every 10 notebooks giving you random item in story mode.

Um I Have A Problem.. When i Extract The Game. Windows Defender Thinks It's A Malwere. and deletes it instantly. this never happend before. Fix?

just think about the problem reach into your soul and SOLVE it

new bug my cursor is slow when i play the 1.3.2 update i get in the game it takes 6 seconds to turn around i am mad i can not beat the game like this:MY MOUSE IS NOT BROKEN IT WORKS FINE

Did you changed the mouse sensitivity in the main menu?

Mystman, can you compile the Linux version for 1.3.2, please?


Hey! I have an idea. What if baldi looked more menacing for every notebook you get? Not a must. Just thought it up with my friend in school


He's just staring at me MENACINGLY!


Also, There's a glitch in detention where if you go in the left corner (Where Prize no 1's poster is) Baldi can't catch you. But you're screwed anways because if you use BSODA he will catch you. Just wanted to point it out

When Linux loses support:

I have lost Linux; I don't like that.

i cant wait for 1.4 i also wonder whats the new secret ending i just want infinite updates on this game ITS 2 GOOD 4 ME ;-;

for a game with awful graphics this is so fun and has great characters and surprisingly funny lines. looks like its sweepin time, so ill go now. also, no rating the game in the halls.

i like it please more uptdates

how do i update game

You redownload the game.

Could you explain in details what caused the mouse problem and how does the fix look like? It sounds very intresting and I would like to learn about this problem more, I think I've seen simmilar issues in different games as well.

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