1.3.2 Update Changelog - Mouse issues fixed!

Thanks to help from a fellow game developer, Iseeicy (Go check out his game Dreams of Being, one of my favorite Meta Game Jam entries: https://iseeicy.itch.io/dreams-of-being), I was able to fix the mouse issues! To celebrate, I've added a custom cursor to the game. Along with those things, here's the full changelog:

  • Fixed the mouse issue!
  • Added a new custom cursor.
  • Bully is now easier to be caught Bullying by the Principal.
  • Gave Baldi a tiny speed boost.
  • Fixed Principal punishing you for running when getting pushed by 1st Prize or Gotta Sweep while holding the run button.
  • Added a couple more yellow doors.
  • Baldi now hears exits when they disappear.
  • Made Baldi speed up more slowly in endless mode.

Thanks, and enjoy!


BALDI_1.3.2_Windows.zip 35 MB
Jun 04, 2018
BALDI_1.3.2_macOSX.zip 40 MB
Jun 04, 2018

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Baldi Basics Download Fair Mod https://www.moddb.com/mods/baldis-basics-in-education-and-learning-fair-mod

wont let me play



look at this...as you can seethere are a few things you could do,this is only consept art for mystman12,i think it can be put in as a character,but its a paint character,and blue arts and crafters,soooo if you want to put this in your baldis basics full game,or if you modders want to use this,go ahead

Mystman please please add this character called "Lets Drum" but give credit to the guy who made the game on ROBLOX that features this character

I agree. And that's a very good concept art. so mystman add "let's drum" to baldi's basics, Please!

Please tell me how you did that very cool concept art!

this art is not by him/her

however. his name is school band


i dont see the point can i have disco in the game please its cool 

my game is lag iwant fix this 

i hope 1.3.3 update comes or 1.4

Oh. You know. There is an unofficial 1.3.3 Pre-release now. Details and Download are here:https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/7093

And if you have something can protect your computer. Maybe it'll show it's a virus. But seriously it's not.

Happy 132 days ago

wow fun


I created my account just to support this game


Wow, look! A dedicated deticator!

Why did you make it bonzi tho?


you could put everything that was not used type !: the ten rope jumps, etc ..., you could also make the first prize helps you and then hugs you, sort of get you out of the Detention, break the walls, etc ... please do this! I'll love it!

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Can you add this in the next update: This is Superintendent

I would appreciate if you do it :)




Yes do it


i made a 2.0 version of guypson

(1 edit) (-1)

Hey Guys How To Download Baldis Basics Updates Thats Easy Take This https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/download/6848 This İs a GameBanana Cilck  And Looks Like All Updates And Thats İt :)




how do i get in the fame

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