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i tried to execute the game but it wont work 

i tried to execute the game but it wont work 

Read my name.,..



i cant play the game it needs a daemon tools program?

Deleted post

Open the game normally, it  runs on just about any windows/mac computer. I don't know where you got that "it is dangerous to open this game!", whatever it is, it is nonsense. This game is as harmful as any other game.

thanks Deerp

Was the principal's whistling a reference to a certain episode of a show involving a cat, a fish, a banana and a pen? 

One of the best scenes in the entire show.

And yes it is!


I love this  so much, in fact... i made a shitpost out of it would you like to take a peek?

its not yours, you just edited it.

I am sure a YouTuber called Jayskibean made the original video.

yep, its called "ITS SWEEPIN' TIME"

This game is surprisingly hard and very creepy, I like it.
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Wow. A really fun and  s p o o p y  experience. Although, I have to ask - is the game getting any new updates? :^)

I have a fairly large update planned, though with school wrapping up and other stuff going on I haven't much time to work on it. I won't give any estimates (Because I am absolutely awful at that), but I definitely will release an update some time.


Sweet! Surely will be waiting for it. Just take your time, focusing on studies is a priority. :)

Will there be a big update soon or did I miss a lot of stuff in this game?

(Playtime counting to ten or The Principal telling you to not stab people with a pencil, for example)


There will be an update soon, but those sound bites are actually just from scrapped features/ideas! I have no plans at the moment for them to get used.

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The pencil stabbing idea is actually nice, lol

PLEASE make mobile version. I wanted to play something on mobile not online that is a good game and nothing is that good like yours! Awesome game, keep it up.

This may or may not be possible,  but will there be any ports of the game besides PC?

that would be sooooo cool

Not this version. If I ever do create a full version though, you can bet I'll do console ports.

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the principal is my waifu. who's the voice actor? also, a wonderful freaking game, love everything about it. was spooped right away

same here

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Really fun and challenging game!!!

This is a game of pure skill I'd just suggest making play time and principal of the thing slower! I love it keep up the great work!


This game is very unsettling... I played for about one minuet and then left out of fear. After that I went back and after getting two questions wrong and the teacher attacking my with a pair of scissors... It threw me back to the menu and I left as fast as I could. The strange art style and the unusual voice just adds to the creepiness... Overall, great game.

Hell hath no fury like a garbage Youtuber with something to prove.

I'll beat this travesty if it kills me.

what's the fastest speed Baldi can move? just curious


Getting all possible answers correct? Baldi moves slightly faster than your running speed. Getting all answers wrong? Baldi moves at a constant pace and sounds like a chainsaw. :P

can i have greenscreens for the baldi jumpscare? i can't really make any myself and i need it to make a joke video

i know i said it before, but this game is popular now and many others share their videos too, so i'm just going to comment here

all you need to do really is just talke the image- there's no animations I saw for the " jumpscares" when you get cuaght.

all you'd really need to do is add the sound effect, if there is one. maybe i can rip the files and do it for you . 

ok then give me the jumpscare picture with green background and the sound effect thx

Youtube's game detect thought this was Minecraft.

I'm not done with this game yet! I've done a lot more research on other videos, and I'll be abck to beat this monster! Love the game, and the fact that it's challenging, yet random and infuriating! Great job, especially for a Jam game!

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!


do you have any plans for new content anytime soon?


I have plans, but I've got no idea when the next update will be ready. It will be a fairly big update though, so keep your ears peeled.





Great name, Micah McGonigal!


I am a man who has endured many a horror, but none has been as interesting as Baldis Basics! Very unique game with it's 90's style horror theme and that obnoxious b*stard Baldi chasing you everywhere with his nice LONG 12 inch RULER! Don't even get me started on BROOM'S VOICE OMG! If you LOVE horror games or puzzles than Baldi is the "man?" for YOU. 

Like the game Micah, I pray for updates, new levels, etc. I honestly think you should get this on Steam, it could be BIG with a few more updates and Markiplier

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please stop with the god stuff, if you want views, try making something new, keep experimenting, petscop got views cause it appealed to horror fans arg fans and 90's game fans, I hope you understand.


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I recently went and played all the way through the game. At first the game is really reminiscent of old edutainment games I used to play on my old Windows 98 pc. The game scared me the first few moments, but then it falls flat. The game suffers from the FNAF formula; where the jumpscares are scary at first, then become annoying. Baldi is simply too fast. If he had to be in line of sight of the player to know where they are, then his speed would be fine. You can't hide from him, he always knows where you are. The game isn't fun and was a drag to get through. It took me almost 2hrs to get through the game and I didn't feel like I won because there is no reward. It's a cute take on old pc games with a horror twist, but after dying over and over and over, it got old quick.
Here is my playthrough on my channel, ArthurPlays: 

Thanks for the feedback, and for pushing through to the end! I'm glad you liked the theme, it was a lot of fun for me to be able to just go crazy creating all of these terrible assets and seeing how they ended up, haha. For the record... I haven't actually beat the game yet. :P I know how hard and unfair it is, haha. I kind of enjoy that, but I understand it's not for everybody. If I ever update the game again though I'll definitely do more balancing. When designing the game, I definitely knew the horror aspect would wear out fast, so I aimed to create a game more focused on strategy and gameplay, but of course I missed the mark in a lot of ways! Mainly in the difficulty, of course. Since I was in a rush to finish the game for the game jam, I didn't have any time to do any proper balancing so I had to either A) Make the game really easy, or B) Make the game really hard, and I decided to go with the latter, for better or worse (And then of course I released multiple updates afterwards, each one pretty much making the game easier in one way or another; I'm pretty sure the initial release is literally impossible, actually. :P). One thing I will point out is that Baldi doesn't know where you are at all times; If he sees you he'll come towards the last place he saw you, if you open a door he'll head towards that door, and if you get detention he'll head towards detention. If he reaches one of these points and then doesn't hear or see the player, he starts wandering randomly (Which means it's very possible you'll get unlucky and he'll just randomly wander towards you, definitely a design flaw. If I ever update again Baldi's AI is definitely something I'll put some more thought into). The tape or phone will prevent him from hearing doors or detention (And I should probably extend the amount of time these devices are active). Oh, and sorry about the ending! I knew it would be disappointing, but I was running out of time, and I figured it was kind of fitting since terrible edutainment games often have super lame endings (See the ending of I. M. Meen, for example).

Overall, this was more of a learning experience and experiment than anything else, and I certainly learned a lot! Once I get started on more serious projects I'm glad I'll have lessons learned from this that I can apply. Thanks again for your feedback and for the video!


I have to get this off my chest before starting my reply; I have a ton of respect for you now as a developer. I've played my fair share of games where I leave with a not-so-positive attitude and it shows in my videos. When I leave my thoughts in their game's comment sections, the devs are, almost always, rude and unable to listen to criticism. You, however, read and listened to what I had to say and gave me legitimate reasons as to why the game is how it is instead of excuses. Thank you for that.

Anyway, thanks for giving the time to reply to my comment. I was unaware this was for a jam, so now I see why the game is how it is. I know the feeling of wanting to change or add more to a game, but not having the time. I'm glad that you cleared up the "location" problem I was having. I thought that he could just always tell where you were. During my playthrough, I cut out quite a bit including a time where he completely lost me for a good five minutes. I just thought this was because he was slower at the time and I was just moving around quickly after getting the game down. I'm very happy you see this game as a learning experience. The more you experiment and play around with things, the better you'll become! I did enjoy the game for what it was, however (as I said before) I got a bit frustrated with it. However, now that I know that you had limited time and had to make compromises with yourself about development, I fully understand why the game is how it is.

I hope you keep up the amazing work and I'll look forward to anything you decide to make in the future!

Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to me!

It's weird I'll give it that...

It's weird?!?! Well that's all I need to know to call it a success! :P Thanks for playing!

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Uncut and Uneditted and holy shit this game caught me off guard with so many things!

Thanks for playing! I love how you had Baldi going back and forth around that desk, haha!

haha it was an interesting game i didnt know what to expect :P but at the same time i liked that alot, wish you the best for the future (:

This has to be one of the most hardest and most annoying(which doesnt mean its bad) game that I have ever played.Even though it is annoying,it is addictive or Im stubborn I dont know ;) but its an awesome horror game as its horror is not just jumpscares but the last minute fails that I got everytime I was about to solve last one and get out

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

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The guy named Hazz here just letting you know I played your game and it was awesome. The game was quite wacky and creative I really enjoyed playing it. I may come back to it again sometime to see if I can get to the end

Thanks for playing! If you ever want to come back to it, be sure to download the latest version. I've made tons of bug fixes and improvements since the initial release.

Spoiler alert, the answer isnt 42.

i tried.

Good guess. :P

Dear, the creator. 

Is there any hint of what the answer to the seemingly impossible third question might be? And also, did you have any other npc's in mind to implement into the game but didn't decide to? 

Many thanks :) 


There is no answer, it's a setup to start the game off - because if you never got one wrong, baldi would never leave the entrance.

actually, technically there has to be an answer. The code can't have a question answered incorrectly without an answer to check over.

It is possible that it is a worded answer for an integer input therefore meaning you can never actually answer, because you can only type numbers to try to get a letter answer.

if the question has an answer, then the game never starts. Baldli has to get upset for this to even be a game.

it's a very simple concept to grasp.

as I said. While it's possible it has no answer, that is incorrect coding. Code requires an answer to make a question. That answer could be a word to a number question, therefore meaning it couldn't be answered as you can't put words into integer inputs (number inputs) such as the ones for math.

te coding in the game specifically makes you fail.  do you make games, lol? ask the dev , he will assure you that is intentional. and i data mined and found nothing but a script that makes you fail intentionally.

the banannas has gone bad


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I have a few tips for a ya:

1. Try reducing the number of 3D objects (including desks). Increases the old school vibe.

2. Ever thought of distorting Baldi's voice? This would really give the effect of an old, crappy audio codec.

3. Distort other sound effects too... or maybe use a synth instead.

4. Try using an old school voice synth like Chipspeech or Alter Ego.

5. Please set the smoothness of the materials to 0 or, even better, use an emmisive material

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely look into some of these! I was planning on doing lower quality audio for some characters and sounds, but I couldn't quite figure out how I wanted them to sound and just sort of forgot about it. There is some distortion for a couple of voices already though. Playtime, obviously, and Principal of the Thing actually has a high-pitch squeal in the background of his recordings, similar to what you could hear in some old games. It's pretty hard to notice though. I definitely intended to add more sound effects too, which I'll probably include in future updates. I've already considered MIDI/Synth sounds! I'll look into those voice synths too, thanks for the info! If I ever add more characters something like that could work great for one of them.

And thank you so much for noticing the smoothness! I had no idea about that, but just checked how it affects the textures and it looks a lot better now!

I have one suggestion, my dood.


That's all I really need. I'm deaf so this was kinda hard for me to figure out what i was supposed to do in the start. ( i watched a streamer playing it, and that's how i figured it out )

not a bad game, but pleeease! subtitles :33 

thanks duder

I almost missed this comment, I wasn't notified about if for some reason. Sorry for the late reply!

Subtitles are definitely something I've been thinking about, since the game relies on audio quite a bit. I'm not quite sure how to implement them (Since the direction sounds are coming from is just as important as hearing the sounds themselves, so I've been thinking of ways to show where sounds come from as well as what sounds are playing), but I'll definitely look into it if I update the game again. I can't make any guarantees I'll get subtitles in, of course, but it's definitely something I'd love to be able to do if I can figure it out! Would be a good learning experience for me, too!

turn on subtitles on YouTube.  That should help understand the game more. 

latia, thanks - But that doesnt help me while im playing it :)

I want to have a 1 on 1 talk with you at some point and ask YOU WHY!?! 

Why not?!?! :P

Loved every second of this, super difficult but fun as Hell!

SO CLOSE, this game is crazy dude.

this is really good! 

This game is challenging man. Good job! If I will ever beat it, i'll show it to you. 

this is a very weird and creppy game....... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!

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