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Hey. mystman12, i have 2 good update ideas

1: new enimies

2: an official mobile port



Thanks for creating such an amazing game :3


hello I'm a linux/canaima user I have an error that when I want to run the game does not open plsss help

What seems to be the issue? I use Linux as well so I might be able to help.

well the linux that I use is canaima when I want to open the game does not run

It's happening to me too

Ok. I want you to run β€œglxinfo | grep OpenGL” and tell me what it reports.

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I do not get that :( there to wait for the creator to update it


my first mod

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As if school wasn't already scary enough

My Gaming Channel

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Has anyone been able to actually solve the unsolveable math problems? What happens if you do!

You cant solve it

Because if you solve it Baldi was just standing there and it wasn't fun.

Thats the way of the game.There is no answer.

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not true if you do solve it or find an anser baldi will get into super sayion god mode because he is ultra pissed because only a god can anser his demonic question  in other words he...will...DESTROY YOU LIKE NEVER BEFORE

No that's gay

ha did somebody say



sure its simple the anser is shioghoi3uhe92328eu78dhsuyfoli3uj9o9dhioaduio  just do what baldi does xD

the answer is

ur mom

Finds the Answer to Everything!


Jenna Livea (Jena Livia) just uploaded her remaster of Basics in Behavior by The Living Tombstone and it is awesome!

Yet another song fixed by the great and powerful Jena Livia.

This game...Angery 


Update 1.3.2 is giving me some problems. I can download the content just fine, no problem, But when I try to launch the game, it says:
Fatal Error: Mono won't load.
Any suggestions?


Unpack Baldi.EXE again

How do you unpack it though?

You're downloading Baldi in zip file just click on this zip file and selcet location where your game was located first if it gonna make an error "Do you want to replace it?" Click "Yes to all" 



also to mess up Baldi

download 7-zip first!

secret ending easy! just teleport all notebooks in exact same spot then, press enter on every question!

don't want secret ending? get at least one question right!


Impressed that this game became popular!

HI guys im  jonathan t. im new here in




Can I play????


Hey.  can u please update the game cuz i waited for 5 WEEKS and cuz your game is not the 1st game anymore. it's 2nd now cuz u did not do anything new for a while and if u did update it like....putted a new Character. or made the school bigger or added more items. make the next update BIG and really really COOL and if u did that all the youtubers well play it and their fans well like it and U KNOW THAT.

dude, the game doesn't need to be updated, it is fine as it is, the game is complete. As for it not being on the top spot, it is because there are newer games that deserve recognition too. These things change, games come and go, and Baldi certainly has had a good run.

oh they will make the update because this teaser! it was posted by mystman12 on twitter saying "spoopers?"

WHO!?!?!?!?! is the player?



frick did thee make this?


  am I even a real character?



oh that wasn't me. there was a person on the baldi wiki called "Placeholdervlad" or... "placevlad" his name is jim. and he created this character


WHAT did he use to make the music!!! for the game!!

hello mystman12, I have a problem in the linux version, when I'm going to run baldis basics I get an error because I have to give permission to run as a program, (obvious) but when I check that box I immediately get rid of it, and it does not let me put reading and writing, I do not know why this happens to me, thank you.

You're welcome.


b vn vn

There is a  song now!

oh and baldi look's pretty well done made GOOD JOB THE LIVING TOMBSTONE.  and... new... characters?!?? well those are students. 

and in the beginning there is a chalkboard and then there's windows 95 errors of gotta sweep popping up and then it makes a virus. all though the song kinda sounds like FNAF.

Yeah I agree its REALLY good

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hey. its almost my birthday. so could you please make a character dedicated to  me. and make it called the birthday boy. it comes around with a cake and gives you a cilice of cake!. cake can push baldi twice as far a bsoda this is an anime show

and he would do that because??? May as well make a mod for the game if you really want to...


Hello everyone, this is my first video. It took me 3 days to do it and if you can help me, I thank you and a little video has more work and he is in Portuguese.

Check out "The Living Tombstone"'s Song called "Basics in Behavior [Blue]" Mr.Mystman12 ;)



i almost pissed myself while playing this for the first time


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