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Dear, the creator. 

Is there any hint of what the answer to the seemingly impossible third question might be? And also, did you have any other npc's in mind to implement into the game but didn't decide to? 

Many thanks :) 


There is no answer, it's a setup to start the game off - because if you never got one wrong, baldi would never leave the entrance.

actually, technically there has to be an answer. The code can't have a question answered incorrectly without an answer to check over.

It is possible that it is a worded answer for an integer input therefore meaning you can never actually answer, because you can only type numbers to try to get a letter answer.

if the question has an answer, then the game never starts. Baldli has to get upset for this to even be a game.

it's a very simple concept to grasp.

as I said. While it's possible it has no answer, that is incorrect coding. Code requires an answer to make a question. That answer could be a word to a number question, therefore meaning it couldn't be answered as you can't put words into integer inputs (number inputs) such as the ones for math.

te coding in the game specifically makes you fail.  do you make games, lol? ask the dev , he will assure you that is intentional. and i data mined and found nothing but a script that makes you fail intentionally.

the banannas has gone bad


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I have a few tips for a ya:

1. Try reducing the number of 3D objects (including desks). Increases the old school vibe.

2. Ever thought of distorting Baldi's voice? This would really give the effect of an old, crappy audio codec.

3. Distort other sound effects too... or maybe use a synth instead.

4. Try using an old school voice synth like Chipspeech or Alter Ego.

5. Please set the smoothness of the materials to 0 or, even better, use an emmisive material

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely look into some of these! I was planning on doing lower quality audio for some characters and sounds, but I couldn't quite figure out how I wanted them to sound and just sort of forgot about it. There is some distortion for a couple of voices already though. Playtime, obviously, and Principal of the Thing actually has a high-pitch squeal in the background of his recordings, similar to what you could hear in some old games. It's pretty hard to notice though. I definitely intended to add more sound effects too, which I'll probably include in future updates. I've already considered MIDI/Synth sounds! I'll look into those voice synths too, thanks for the info! If I ever add more characters something like that could work great for one of them.

And thank you so much for noticing the smoothness! I had no idea about that, but just checked how it affects the textures and it looks a lot better now!

I have one suggestion, my dood.


That's all I really need. I'm deaf so this was kinda hard for me to figure out what i was supposed to do in the start. ( i watched a streamer playing it, and that's how i figured it out )

not a bad game, but pleeease! subtitles :33 

thanks duder

I almost missed this comment, I wasn't notified about if for some reason. Sorry for the late reply!

Subtitles are definitely something I've been thinking about, since the game relies on audio quite a bit. I'm not quite sure how to implement them (Since the direction sounds are coming from is just as important as hearing the sounds themselves, so I've been thinking of ways to show where sounds come from as well as what sounds are playing), but I'll definitely look into it if I update the game again. I can't make any guarantees I'll get subtitles in, of course, but it's definitely something I'd love to be able to do if I can figure it out! Would be a good learning experience for me, too!

turn on subtitles on YouTube.  That should help understand the game more. 

latia, thanks - But that doesnt help me while im playing it :)

I want to have a 1 on 1 talk with you at some point and ask YOU WHY!?! 

Why not?!?! :P

Loved every second of this, super difficult but fun as Hell!

SO CLOSE, this game is crazy dude.

this is really good! 

This game is challenging man. Good job! If I will ever beat it, i'll show it to you. 

this is a very weird and creppy game....... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!

Such a weird game, loved the throwback to the old school educational games like Mavis Beacon and Windows 95 Maze, but the creepy unsettlingness of a good horror game.

I Have a Theory In The Beginning a New Kid Comes to the School When Baldi Catches Them They Take the Quater and sends them to an Unknown Universe and Gives the Quarter to The New Kid You Might Be Wondering About The Bully Taking the Quarter,He Teams Up With Baldi,That Explains Why Baldi's Only After You,So The Bully Give The Quarter to Baldi,Its Basically a Loop,But Is Baldi Human?Well Hes Accually a God

think thats thinking a bit too deep

Baldi is one mean taskmaster! I feel like I just played some kind of surreal fever dream (I did like it though).

I've encountered a bug; whenever I play I get this pink skybox reflection (or at least I'm assuming it's the skybox) that covers the entire screen. Does anyone else have this problem?

That's really weird... As far as I know no one else except for one guy who uploaded a gameplay video is having that problem. I can't think of anything that could be causing it either, there aren't any textures like that in the game...

I saw this bug before on other games running on unity engine, i dunno what causes it, but on some graphics settings reflection textures just change to colorful pattern .-.

This happens when you run a game made in Unity 5 on a PC that doesn't support OpenGL 3.3.

I assume I need Nvidia for that? Either way thanks!


I have never screamed any louder than I have at Baldi chasing me.


You got GCSE's, A levels, College or Uni work?
GET THIS GAME you'll be number 1 in all fields.


Dude. This game is insane. Its so simplistic I took it for an easy game at first, but nahhh..

I'm definitely making another video on this asap.

I completed it. But I wish I got something more out of the ending

Yeah, I know the ending is pretty lame, but I went with it for two reasons:

1) I was running out of time and didn't have any idea what to make the ending, so I had to make something simple, and 2) I figured it would fit the theme of a terrible edutainment game (See the ending of I.M. Meen for example).

Yeah, it makes sense when you think about it.


This was ridiculous. After about a week or so of spamming this game, I've finally beaten it! Had a friendly competition and exchange of advice with PhuCat throughout the journey, but he still beat me to it! Thanks so much for making this challenge. It was insanely hard, but super fun and I'm glad I was able to take part in it!! I hope you make more games like this, seriously. Also, commentary version will be up in approx. 2 hours!! :D

Aaaaaand here's the commentary version! You definitely nailed this game. Awesome job!

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What a wild journey this was! I never thought I would say this, but I survived the school hallways haha. It really did help to take time away from playing this.

Awesome job! I especially like how you used Arts and Crafters to your advantage! Now see if you can beat it while also getting all the problems wrong!! no, that actually is impossible.

Thanks for playing!


Cant say anything bad about it very creepy game original idea it looks great highly recomend would love to see more of this style


lol very bad xdddddddddddd 0/10 IGN

What?! That can't be! My game doesn't have any water!!!


I'm very scared playing this game


we need the source code

can i have it too


This game looks like Sonic School House


Yo...Baldi is legit disturbing lol. Great job man. Very spooky and unique.


Hey all, so yeah, the latest update still didn't fix the BSODA issue, I'm so sorry about that. I think I've finally gotten it fixed, but I'll be a doing a bit more testing tonight before uploading the (hopefully final, at least for a while) update. If all the testing goes well, expect the fix tonight. Again, sorry for messing up the BSODA so bad!

I have a question, is the real exit door randomly generated? I’ve played this for 15 hours straight now and all of the exits I saw on the map have tricked me.

Have you reached all 4 exits in one game?..

I'm so, so sorry. :P

Btw, is BSODA working properly for you now? My cousin is saying it still isn't working right, but it seems fine on my PC. I'm wondering if it's an issue that's only present on more powerful PC's.

Pure evil. D:

This game is incredible i love the creepy art style the loud sounds scared me a lot. It feels like one of those Creepypastas you read late at night and i love that feel great game.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed the madness! :P

So, I think I beat it. I'm gonna need your confirmation though lol - I got really excited and nervous and stuff near the end. I did a lot of exploring off-camera after this and actually pulled it off two more times, but I couldn't find any other exit and Baldi is just way too fast once you reach the exit, I can't seem to get away from him. GREAT GAME, very difficult and here's hoping that I truly beat it!

If you want me to delete this comment and just reply to my previous one, let me know. I don't want you to think I'm trying to spam your game page!

Super close! ...but there are more exits to find. I'm sorry for being so evil. :P

Aw man! Okay, I'll keep trying. Was this one of the exits? I made it here just now with 7/7 and nothing happened.

jk just saw where you said they pop AFTER the endy thingie I got. Back to the grind!


Well, this game is definitely difficult lol. I played it last night, before the recent update. It can be a tad creepy, but not quite 'the scariest game I've ever played' - I rely mostly on ambiance to really be frightened by a game. ANYWHO, this game was a HUGE burst of nostalgia for me (and probably everyone else playing it) and it's probably my favorite entry so far for the Meta Game Jam. I've absolutely fallen in love with 'slasher' games in the past few weeks and this really puts a nice spin on the genre. I believe it is possible to beat, but requires super luck and perfection. I heard a lot about the game from PhuCat and was super surprised to see that it was made on Unity! You did an amazing job of making it look from the '95 / '98 era. I absolutely loved this. Thanks for making it and I can't wait to see what you do in the future!


Looking forward to the next update! I have not had a challenge like this since Slender: The Eight Pages. I will continue to play this until I beat it. And if you run a merch store with designs over this game, then I will gladly purchase a t-shirt.

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I REALLY liked this, but the difficulty is preventing me from recording a Lumps Play and that's a bummer, because I liked it! (I don't upload if I can't finish).

I play mostly horror games on my channel, so it wasn't that I wasn't used to the format. I just couldn't get a clear idea of how to win. I couldn't hide, I was attacked both inside and outside classrooms, forced to get questions wrong making him faster (I think), and worst of all, it resets you at the very beginning when you get insta-killed trying to figure things out. After 30 minutes, I had to switch to the next game to sample (there's over 100!). 

Keep up the great work, though! I'm going to follow you and keep an eye on your future stuff. Cheers. 🍻


Thanks! The hardest part about making this game has definitely been balancing the difficulty. While I do want the game to be pretty challenging, the thing that I'm having the most trouble with is figuring out how to teach players how things work without just straight up telling them. Like, I had to put the "I get angrier for every problem you get wrong" and "I hear every door you open" messages since people didn't seem to notice that getting problems wrong made Baldi faster or that opening doors attracted Baldi's attention.

You can't really hide from Baldi, but that's by design. Instead you need to try to mislead him by opening doors to places you aren't going, or getting far enough away so that once he reaches the last place he saw you, he still can't see you. If you can get Baldi in a situation like this, where he reaches his current destination, but can't see or hear you once he gets there, he is forced to wander randomly, giving you a chance to rest or try to get away as far as possible. Just keep in mind that if he sees you, that takes priority over any sounds he hears.

Also, yes, you're forced to get the last question of each notebook wrong in order to make Baldi faster each notebook. It would be no fun if you could just get all the answers right and Baldi wouldn't get any faster! :P

I know I didn't finish so didn't see everything, but since it's something you're working on I have a few suggestions for balance!

-Perhaps a reward for getting the questions right? Too much of the game feels like a punishment, so it's a bit of a bummer answering the questions correctly doesn't provide any benefit (I don't really count NOT increasing the difficulty as a benefit).

-One of the biggest things that threw me off is how quickly it turned from tutorial to enemy-is-chasing-you-better-run-horror-game. The sudden flip is nice, but it was confusing he was teaching me how to play one second and running at me the next just for opening doors. The first time I played, I literaly ran right into him and killed myself because I thought he was my friend :-\

-I think the way he 'works' would be more intuitive if his motive was more understood. It could probably even be simple like "I'M A STRICT TEACHER MAN KEEP QUIET AND GET GOOD GRADES OR I'LL FIND YOU AND MAKE YOU".

That's about all that came to mind. Thanks again for making the game and sorry I suck haha. Cheers. 


Thanks for the suggestions, but honestly none of that really fits what I'm going for. Really, Baldi's only motive is that cheap 3D edutainment from the 90's is creepy. :P

That's not true. The game clearly has many other motives and "cheap animation is creepy" doesn't help the confusion as you said you're trying to address. Just offering my two cents! Cheers.


I don't usually find that much interest in horror games. As soon as a saw a twitch streamer stream this game for a few minutes, I got a little interested in this game. The highest I can only make it too is 6 textbooks. Definitely one of the best mini horror games out there.  

I'm currently trying to beat this, so I'm keeping the playthrough on hold. Is the soda supposed to push Baldi back? I kept using it on him and it just goes through him.

Yeah, but it works best in hallways, otherwise he often gets stuck on an object and then can't move back further. One thing worth mentioning though is that the BSODA allows for some movement, just slowed down, which does allow NPCs to slowly trudge through it, but I might get rid of that in the future. So, as of right now, it's more effective on Baldi when he is slower.

I can't play it properly because the mouse just shits itself and dies randomly and almost always after getting a notebook

yeah that fixed it

Awesome! I don't have a very powerful computer, and I know the issue was worse on more powerful PCs, so I wasn't able to test for sure whether or not the update worked. Thanks for confirming!


Well done!  I had a lot of fun with your game!  I really enjoyed the sudden shift into horror,  and the mechanics are sound!  I did a video on my channel if you'd like to hear my thoughts!


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll release an update soon that will hopefully fix the mouse issues and balance the difficulty a little bit. Also, I really appreciate the family friendly commentary!

Really creepy game. The low quality teacher with the pngs of other characters was really unsettling. A couple of problems i had were the mouse not responding well and the difficulty. The jump rope girl is almost a guaranteed loss. she holds you for like 10-15 seconds. If you have more then the 2 starting books he will catch you everytime you jump rope. 

still a really neat game though

Thanks for checking it out! I've noticed now in a couple of videos, that some things are moving a lot faster than on my PC (The item bobbing and and You Can Think Pad exit time are most noticeable), and I wonder if the mouse issues are related as well, since I haven't had any issues with the mouse on my PC... I'll also have to make it clearer that getting problems wrong makes Baldi faster, since while you're forced to get a problem wrong on each notebook, getting too many possible problems wrong as well will end up making Baldi move way too fast. And yeah, I already plan on nerfing the jump rope girl (I actually originally had it set to 10 jumps, which I quickly realized was way too much!).


Loved the game it was perfect for my series however after getting only 3 bokks the teacher is way too fast and my stamina doesn't regen in time.

I made a video of it hope you enjoy ;).

Thanks for checking it out! One thing I should note is that, while the game starts forcing you to get the last answer of each notebook wrong, getting the normal problems wrong makes Baldi even faster. As for the stamina, it only recharges when standing still, but I'll probably end up tweaking it so it doesn't take so long to refill after running out. Thanks for the feedback!


any chance you'll add a volume slider for sound/voice/music or make music 10% the loudness? the voices is the most important thing I'm sure :)


PS: the controls are killing me. (just trying to look left/right)

Try messing with that mouse slider on the title screen. I found that different mice seem to require different settings.

Yeah, I tried out another mouse while making the game and it was super slow, so I slapped the sensitivity slider on there. Seeing as it was pretty simple to implement, I might make a proper options menu with more settings in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

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