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Kim Jong Un Plays Roblox Version of Baldi with nukes, wins, and celebrates.

This is the voices from Baldi Animatronic:

Pasword: Baldi Animatronic

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this isTommy.  His favorite teacher is Baldi and every time he sees you in the hall breaking a rule he will scream witch causes the principal come up to you and he says "No breaking rules in the hall".  Also, if he is near you and Playtime is near too(or if Playtime is anywhere) you can make him jump on the jump rope. He has an item if you hit him with BSODA then he drops a Dollar (witch is counterfit and if you use it the BSODA machine becomes out of order. Here are his quotes, "You have a drink i need to tell the principal" "I HATE YOU AND I HATE YOU PLAYTIME" "No Zesty Bars in the hall" "NO NOT MY DOLLAR well at least its fake HA HA HA HA" "THAT IDIOT 1ST PRIZE". His voice is supposed to be a Male British computer voice.  When the school turns red he turns red and screams non stop in one place.Tommy

Actually really like this dev. Like his style. Liked the game. Like his over games. 1/10.

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Hi, I can tell you if you can put my invented character: His name is Baldi Animatronic. Baldi Animatronic is a robot made by Baldi for help the studients. The Principal of the Thing hates the robot and when he sees him helping a student, he sends him to the detention for a whole day.  I hope you like it and that you add it in an update.

Baldi Animatronic

OH!,HI                 Hi, I can tell you if you can put my invented character: her name is Yenny. Yenny is a popular girl who attracts all men, but she is not there to kiss you, she is to tell the Principal of the Thing, that you annoy her and do not leave her alone and he will take you to detention for 10 seconds 

Thank :)

how do u get onb to the frikinhg game?



This game needs to stop plaguing my life but  the new update seemed fun and it seems to control a little bit better! And the new character was mean to me! 


Thanks for creating a brilliant game Micah, seriously! We put together this little edit as a thank you!

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Kim Jong Un Plays Roblox Baldi with nukes,Wins as a student,and celebrates.

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Angry Korean Gamer Plays Baldi's Basics.

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Happy Birthday Baldi!!! From your wife....


I like your game very much -Baldi basic in education . This is my character, I would like you to add my character in game, if you like it, PLEASE! Bye


mystman12, can you fix the problem where when you download v1.3.2 it says its a trojan because people are having trouble opening up the game. Please fix it, Thanks


He's still smiling though

14:52 my favorite part


4th Prize - Is always very sad and pushes you to the wall. Turns 3x faster. His phrases:
"I hate the world", "Leave me alone", "Go away".

Stealer - If he sees you, runs to you and takes one of the items. When he did, he runs to bully and gives him the item.

Super Door - When you used WD-NoSquee on janitor's door when there is no broom there, the door becames orange and wanders randomly very fast. It makes very much sound so Baldi is confused. Has no sense if he sees you.

Guardian - Like Principal, but is slightly slower and takes 2x more guilt time(I am about resetGuilt)

Grandmother - Walks slowly. If sees bullying, she screams and throws her stick at you, stunning you for 3 seconds.

Trash can - Assistant of Sweep. Stuns everyone it touches for ((notebook count - 1) * 2) seconds.


WD-RemoteSquee - Needs controller. Is used on swinging door. When controller is used, simulates opening the door and makes Baldi go there. Controller is then removed.

Controller - Used to activate things.

Dummy - Needs controller. Remote alarm clock it is.

Fake money - Is being illegal and may be punished for. Is used on machines and payphone. They makes a bzzzt sound attracting Principal.

Glasses - Extra life, is being illegal and may be punished for.

This is only ideas, don't hate please

not bad

I like grandmother

I guess these are okay for the game

Free subscribers-Do not get deleted by youtube,I wish a bigger channel for you.


This shit is scary as hell

Dear Mystman12 

i am a huge fan of your work and i have so many questions to ask! so i will put it in a list does the impossible mode work?

2. how did you get the idea of baldis basics?

3. when you were making the game where you trying ti make it funny and scary?

4.  do you think this game is ok for kids

5. i havent played the game yet does it have any jumpscares

6. was it easy to make? if so can i make a diffrent game with the same stuff  you did?

you can reply to me at this email


John Mint

1. Is there even impossible mode? o_o

5. Only one

6. Oh bro only if ya know unity basics and csharp basics

Hey im having an issue i cant start the game because of the following error:

Switching to resolution 1280x800 failed, trying lower one
Switching to resolution 1280x800 failed, trying lower one
All resolution switches have failed
Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (1280x800 fs=1 hz=0)

Can someone help me please?

Get a bigger screen or try to emulate one

i already did that , i connected to a 1920x1080 resoltion monitor and i got the same error but with that resolution... sooooo yeah help :)


Free YouTube Subscribers- I wish you a bigger youtube channel.


wow it actually helps without having the subscribers deleted

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Happy Birthday Baldi's Basics!, To your wife....

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The only thing that it lacks is Doom's lighting and don't forget vertex jitter. But it's good.

You could use this plugin, it's for Unity.

Happy Birthday Baldi's Basics!


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Hey mystman12 I got an idea for baldis basics! If your up to it!

What if when the secret ending character tells you about destroying the game and you delete it but if you download the game again baldi doesn't wave at you like he already knows you! And at the end of whenever you get the books wrong or right you go to baldis office and the secret ending character and baldi ( that isnt disoriented )are  standing at the desk and tells you about something! 

IDK what they'll tell you but you can decide!

I hope you see this!

- liz

More than possible, just give me needed material and I may do it

what type of material?

Make a mobile version on Android

this was funny but hard XD

is v1.3.1 safe even though v1.3.2 isn’t because I was going to download v1.3.1 on my computer. (I’m running Windows 10 btw)

There are a lot of Baldi's Basics Remakes, Especially on scratch. 


Happy Birthday Aldo

Balidy Dailys newest upload, but he did not put it on here so i did, to your wife


dear mr mystman

ive seen the third questiton and i know it turns on an impossible code and my question is how do you turn it off

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