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While I don't plan on supporting this demo long-term, if any major bugs crop up I may update this a few times. Besides, any bugs caught now means less bugs when the full game launches! If you experience any bugs while playing this demo, just let me know in the comments below, it will help me a lot. Thanks!

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Add the static similar the fnaf 1 after the baldi get jumpscare in the game over

Add the button for close the Test Procedure

add dither effect in the all screen the gameplay

When I use the lock on a yellow door with a dead end behind me, instead of wating Baldi goes straight through!

In the mechanic of principal of the thing after breaking the rules hear the hello neighbor sound "close" and end audio after down to 0 detention time ( Audio here: 


l saw a really crazy bug!!!

When Principal make a party sometimes Baldi is going to the party and he trapped me.

Is this a bug or is it command?

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the game won't launch on my laptop, the old versions (like 1.4.3) launch just fine but the full game demo doesn't! i even tried changing the video settings, nothing, i tried windowed mode, nothing! pls fix

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(Mystman12 please see this!) (Spoiler) When the water is in the school and if you get trapped in a whirlpool the game freezes and the only way to exit the game is to restart your computer and i tried task manager but my mouse disappears when i do!

Principle will say "No running in Halls" of your in one of the classrooms with/without the Notebook while running

Add this audio for principal of the thing in after breaking the school rules but decoded  

And this decoded in end down to 0 detention time 

Add the baldi office

Add the mecanic in wich the insert coin in the push to reject button

Add the door 99 remplace the door

Add the baldi bus loading

Add the place face

- add you can think pad.

- add the hello neighbor close sound for principal of the thing after breaking rules of the school.

- End the hello neighbor close sound in  down up to 0 detention time in the principal office.

- add the filename2 

-add the fieldtrip with cloudy copter

- add the hearling sound for tape the Baldi anti hearling and disorient.

- add the parrot from 3d model and pencil boy from 3d model.

-add the big ol'Boots and teleporter teletranspotator

-add crash sound 1st prize similar birtday bash

- add the coloreds baldies, test dithered and 0th prize.

- add other any things for full game.




That features are in full game!!!

Not at Demo!!!

The demo was amazing, but... when I got to the 3rd elevator, Baldi became super fast! Also, the Principal sees me through the walls, beacuse when I was out of the school faculty room, he somehow saw me! Also, the RNG in this game is broken!

End the hello neighbor close sound in  down up to 0 detention time in the principal office

Add the moving of 1st prize in the halls, and say the voices lines

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