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i got a computer so i can play the game sorry if bad spelling

comeputer? comepooeturere? capooper? concausian?

>:( I fix it so stop >:()

why th do you have two stock images of baldi and sonic side to side made in what i can only imagine is ms paint as your thumbnail? 

lol its my channel icon 🀣🀣 

i'm gonna make you a serious icon

GOOD NEWS: Uhhm i don't wanna you say...: wait I have the another great idea: mystman12 is working the kickstarter demo exclusive for the full game of baldis finishing in 2020 in witch the fasguy making the menu mod for real actual full game 

(This idea i thinking with me. PD: Don't worry for wait the baldi's basics in education and learning on Steam is not planning, Thats... maybe things is not confirmed but now!). ;3


In The Detention Room You Can Buy A Zesty Bar Through The Gotta Sweep Poster

wait really


thanks for keeping the win32 version, I appreciate it :)




Well the FAQ said: well the game is not meant for touch controls so making a mobile version it's going to be tough so he might make a mobile version of baldis basics

You're doing good, Mystman12. You're doing good

Will there be a Mobile Version When The Full Game Releases


Read the FAQ!


It says: "Nope, I have no plans to release this on mobile devices."

So, there will not be an Android version of this.

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Yes finally android version I have a android yayyyy

Edit: I just read there is no android version cry emoji😭 

Will the mobile version when the full game releases





Going out to Android?



please do chrome os version of this if you can or can not!


Everybody! Stop begging mystman12 to make an Android version of this, he has already confirmed that he will not make it and will not release it. Understand? Good....


πŸ‘πŸ‘THANK YOU! Someone had to say it.

Deleted 145 days ago


i dont get it

Is this being planned on coming to google chrome, google play, or apple?

On which platform?

Please make Γ  Android version i Need it i love Baldi's Basics thank you for this game but please make it In Android

Me too😒😒 please Mystman12 πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜’πŸ‘


No, he will not make an Android version.

Deleted 145 days ago

Can you add boneless pizza to the lunch menu... I haven't even played this version lol, but srsly add that tho...

I need it for my undying love of... Clocks

*Clocks*, not *C####* (I put hashtags for all u kiddins)


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Can i Have Baldi's Basics Classic 1.4.3 Project, Birthday Bash Project and Public Demo Project? Please? I want this Because i want Decompile Baldi's Basics Classic 1.4.3, Birthday Bash and Public Demo

i can't open proyect baldi basics in my unity :(

You have to download the game and download UABE

What is UABE??

Unity Asset Bundle Extractor

i downloaded

im downloading this now


Android iOS yes no ?





I don't know most likely no but try my version: :D

Deleted 145 days ago

hey Mystman12


make baldis basics 2019

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 Mystman12 plz make Android version it's not fair that windows

Is the


He has confirmed that there will not be an Android version!


fuck yo you

What do you mean by it's not fair, noone has to develop for Android, then you get angry at some one answering your question.


shut up


If you don't like it, why don't you port it there yourself? Clearly, if you want change, you have to make change. So instead of being a female dog you should at least be...I dunno. An illegitimate child or something. Just something a bit more...competent than something not a human. Actually I don't know again. Dogs might be smart. Haven't looked into it yet but anyway.

9 year old.

he said no ios or android version. beat it

bit** in you're a** πŸ˜‘πŸ’’

f**k you in you're a** πŸ˜‘πŸ’’


Add the 1st Prize poster in principal office but Remove the brickwall background: 





Donut worry, I'll fix It soon

RIP welcome to baldis basics in education and learning thats me


RIPwelcome to baldis basics brith day bash                               come on in have a blast

new born thanks for playing come back soon

Who likes the green color





It's always a blast getting to revisit Baldi's Basics, and what can I say this demo is just as difficult as ever! Seeing all the improvements that have been added into the game along with new mechanics and events really changes up how the game can be played and beaten! Had I blast playing it on my channel, Mystman you have out done yourself yet again! 

Its awesome! I recently played it on my channel, And a glitch happened where the elevator stayed open and characters couldn't get in. And Baldi locked me in the elevator. Twice.

The game's audio is not working.

It could probably be a problem on your end

Make Blank Title Screen Template where Removes Baldi And Logo except BlackBoard, Classic and Public demo Too!


Does Mystman12 know about Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski?


I get the feeling he'd pay a bit more attention to comments that are meaningful and relevant...people should at least say something good about the game before advertising others lol


Oh why you always have to be everywhere. You're just annoying.  I just wanna know if the creator knows AEwVS. I'm not advertising.  Geez think before you write.


if is No Bugs.

Can it For ps4

add 1st prize poster in the principal office.

there should be a chrome os version its all i have

Fix the new arts and crafters poster design with the true description: "Shy, and tries to be avoided. Doesn't like being looked at, and gets jealous at people with more notebooks than him."



How did you get Baldi to say: "Congradulations! You beat my demo!" without the file "sharedassets4.resource"?


So I found this bug where if you lock a door when Baldi is right next to it he'll go through the door which got me slapped so many times.

There is also this other bug I found where whenever you hold down the space button and you try to use an item it doesn't actually work and it made me use the BSODA the wrong way round.


thats not a bug. its just logic. if you turn your head around your body still going forwards, and you throw it forwards. you just see it backwards

It's not supposed to be like that because in the other releases of the game including the latest version ( not the demo ) do work like that. So whenever you hold down the space button and use the bsoda, it works in that direction your facing even if you're holding down space but in the demo it is not like that so that's why it is called a bug and it doesn't really matter about the logic.


Thanks for reporting these bugs!

Np, hope you find a way to get them fixed soon.


Awesome improvements from the others versions, this one was super hard for me mainly cause im awful at games like this but i still had a awesome time. Great job!

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