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WTF? 32 bit version not working on 32bit Window

Deleted 165 days ago

what went wrong?  its working for me. did you download the zip file, extract it, and put the files into one folder?




I agree. There should be an Android version of this public demo.


I was gonna say that before i red this lol

he said he is not planning to make it, read the description

I would like to add an audio for principal of the thing in which after breaking any rules and saying: no xxxx in the halls, a sound similar to "hello neighbor close" will sound :)

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Make it an Apk please


Android because I really love your games

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i really like the map when u press tab and the hook i love it


Hey mystman12 please made  version Android?!?!?!?!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’–. I love! So much this game ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜

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how the game is going to be in future?

oh i wanna die full game will be 10$

level 4 good

Played this as soon as i saw it was out... jesus christ baldi is back in action...

I wonder what would Baldi do if he found out that he made a mistake in the math?

self explode


Gave it a try for a bit this morning, was able to get 7/8 notebooks and showed off some of the new RNG and items. Really can't wait to delve back in and do a full run of the demo.


I want demo for phone

Unfortunately, you will not have a demo for phone, as it's saying above


TO EVERYONE!! If you have the same glitch as me that full screen don't work Here is instruction: Open the game and press  ALT+Enter :) I how i helpd.

Hey mystman :D, This Baldi's Basics Game is so  creepy, I like it

but can u make the sensitivity a little bit non laggy? ;)

Ok some bugs I found.....

-Playtime's counter didn't show up

-Yellow door locks don't seem to work on Baldi, he just magically passes through them

-The fog event sometimes lasts maybe longer than it should (or does it sometimes last longer?....)

-I seems Arts & Crafts only disappears when you touch him, but I think this is quite intentional, is it?...


Bruh i need from android (but isee the gameplay and its AMAZING!)

Will the full game be downloadable on Windows 7?

There are two downloads for Windows in this game.

When a random event happens, instead of there being a message, the principal should stop behaving, grab a walkie talkie or something and talk through some speakers, I don't know maybe it's better this way, there will be subtitles anyways


That a genius idea. Have him announce it over the school intercom system


Android version??

Read the FAQ on this page.





Heyyy Mystman12 just wondering when the full game comes out will you release it for Android And IOS but instead of it being free, it cost money

Pls don't say that, I'm poor

Can't wait to see the YouTubers' reaction to the random events xD

I can't play it cause I'm on mobile, But that's fine! My friend bought a laptop on vacation with me so me and him can play it! I'm really excited to see what new features will be in this demo! :D

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Hopefully I can run this game on my current computer with no error, if so, I will play and upload a video about it four days later.

um why is baldis ruler boken


Are you/would you port the game to console

The answer is "would you".

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True now that you mention it he mentioned that he would like to in the kickstarter.

I was just answering.

Are the hallway closing thingies (picture #3) and the wet floors (picture #2) in the demo?

Is there any way to full screen? F4 and F11 doesnt work...

Press and hold shift when you launch the game to open the settings dialogue. There you can switch to full screen.

the only thing is that its no longer a math game and baldi is to fast is that a 1.2.2 refrence?

He hasn't finished adding the math pad to this version yet. He's just trying to get the basics working first

but what about alt + enter

Thank you so much!

OMG can not wait to play this hype levels off the roof

YES! Just installed and cannot wait to play with the family! 

Cool Demo

Why did my anti-virus consider this a threat?

"Will this demo be released for any mobile devices?

Nope, I have no plans to release this on mobile devices."

So~ does that mean the mobile version will be released when it is on the full version?


I'm not sure yet. I didn't want to confirm anything one way or the other as I haven't made a final decision yet. I'd love to release the full game on mobile, but if the classic version has shown me anything, it could take a lot of work. The full game will have a lot more stuff compared to the original game I'll need to account for if porting to mobile as well.


Okay~ have a good luck on that. :)

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Wooooooooooow~! :D


This is a great game! :D

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