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Hey peeps Baldimore's Highschool is now available for FREE on Android!

Have fun!

Theses games look awesome! (even though I haven't played them.) I hope you create something new! 😊

Explain the truth is hard, but it's easy to imagine it. PARTY HARD! 

really not stupid

oh my god it is not stupid


It's easier than 1.2 (which is a nightmare).

But Not Playable

What do you mean?

Hello Muammar im LOL Chip

Its Downloadable On Android

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Um its downloadable for PC's but I got it on Android

It's also downloadable on Android too.

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I know but it don't say

its scam on chromebook

it worked!



it would not work for me


what does this mean ? or, what is it?
the end gave me, a lot, fear<img src="">

Congratulations~ mystman12. This game has become "99" days old....!!


i like your game its so cool


What about iOS version


Version window i haved yay

I want version iOS plz

I want version iOS plz

this game is hard


 What about iOS version


He confirmed that it will be released soon




hey mystman12! do you think I can help you develop baldi's basics... im not very experienced with unity so I you don't have to. but I am interested and im totally fine without being paid! i'd love to develop with you sometime!

also heres a video of me playing your recent uploaded game 


I will play in windows 10 because it's the best windows ever!!!!!





I am baldifan10

Hello mystman12


I never knew baldi's basics was on android. I've been playing rip offs without even knowing! As I am typing this on my windows 7, I wish baldi a happy birthday!

make sure you don't FAIL your tests, kids!

Alright, I think my students will try a little harder on my school's birthday ;)

OOF next 


 I am  on iOS


Wait until iOS version released, then.

Not going to talk about the original game because i have a lot to say about it, but instead i will talk about the "CoOl AnD fUn BiRtHdAy BaSh".

But still, Baldi's Basics itself for me, was hillarious for the first time i saw it.

Only the first time though, because the obvious "Sonic's Schoolhouse" parody made me laugh. And the aesthethics (overused word), aged well. Pixel artifacts, mspaint.exe, midi's, jokes that 13 year olds would joke about in 1990's schools, disturbingly scary transitions from 3D (Baldi) to 2D (Principal), and a lot more, character design. It reminds me of youtube before 2015 era. If anybody remembers the "Barney Error" videos. Also, what i find to be just hillarious, some youtubers actually don't even know this game is a parody. They judge it like a real horror game, and it isn't bad in particular, but they do in fact say that graphics are bad.

What i think made this game popular, is originality of it. Yes i know, the gameplay obviously parodies oldschool slenderman fangames. I don't remember any games before that parodied educational games before.

If i would be critical of it,

This game is just not worth a kickstarter and a steam release. I'll admit, it might be hillarious, but thats's it. It seems too blend, like a Unity walking simulator. But, if you will improve and make it at least 7 times better and more intresting, i will be interested. Like merch for this game what?

Ok, we are talking about the birthday bash here.

At first, i thought that this is a cashgrab and it's the same game with changed graphics, but i got surprised a little.


s p o i l e r  a l e r t

Obviosuly, the ending is parodying scary sonic.exe fangames. It surprisingly was unexpected, the game completely glitches and weird things start to happen. Scary sounds start to appear, if i would describe everything in detail, i would definitely be like game theory. In general nothing that interesting happens. Then there is a small puzzle and after that a LOT of glitched pink baldi images appear and break the game by lagging it. The sound becomes scarier and scarier and this image appears.

It might seem like nothing much, but it is disturbing if you look closely at the characters their faces are distorted. Not in the sonic.exe ways, but they actually look creepier. And you can't even close the game, just ctr+alt+delete the game. 

I have high hopes for this game, you better make it creepy, funny, and weird at the same time. With 30k dollars (what) you can make something awesome. Just don't make it look like other unity games.

Nice game overall.

Thx for the android




it gay

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its oof


OK you oofer

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